Further Adventures of Loge and the Antmen part 2

Ok, second session down. Here's what happened - At the end of the last game, most people had fled leaving myself and the druid, and the druid was down. We redrew the map on the board edge and it turned out people hadn't quite fled off the new one yet, so maybe there was some … Continue reading Further Adventures of Loge and the Antmen part 2


Further Adventures of Loge and the Antmen part 1

This will be a two parter since I've played one more game as I write these words, but will have played two before the end of the week. So, the first game since the last post about Loge was mostly focused on combat - resolving the Formians heading up the tunnel towards us and then … Continue reading Further Adventures of Loge and the Antmen part 1

Another new idea – Attack of the Netherverse

Or Invasion of the Netherverse, or from the Netherverse, or something along those lines. This is my take on the Shadowhunters / Dark•Matter setting (also seen in Alternity), so it's a bit Buffy the Vampire Slayer, a bit X Files, and probably a lot of Cthulhoid monsters - so maybe a bit Hellboy/BPRD too. So there's … Continue reading Another new idea – Attack of the Netherverse

New idea – Beyond the Pale

So I had a bit of a brainwave the other day, involving Irish folklore and the Western Marches ideas I've been coming up with. The basic premise is this - The Pale, so-called civilisation, is the area that was directly under the control of the English when they held Ireland. Beyond the Pale (yes, that's … Continue reading New idea – Beyond the Pale

RPGaDay2018 – Day 27 to 31

Final round. FIGHT!   #RPGaDAY - Day 27! SHARE a great stream / actual play It seems like half the planet is excited to watch Critical Role now. I only started watching a few months ago, and I jumped straight into the second campaign rather than the two-year long first campaign. It's a good show … Continue reading RPGaDay2018 – Day 27 to 31

RPGaDay2018 – Day 20 to 26

OK, now we move on to the WHICH questions - #RPGaDay - Day 20! WHICH game mechanic inspires your play the most? I really like FATE's tag and compel mechanic for Aspects, and I like to think in terms of Aspects in other games now too. Keeping an clear idea of a primary core of … Continue reading RPGaDay2018 – Day 20 to 26

RPGaDay2018 – Day 13 to 19

Onto part 3 / week 3 but I'm still behind! Oh well, it'll get finished eventually. #RPGaDay2018 - Day 13! DESCRIBE how your play has evolved I think the main change has been familiarity with the hobby and what it involves, and going from slow and nervous start to awesome tabletop badass is natural after … Continue reading RPGaDay2018 – Day 13 to 19