Worlds to go back to

I haven't been too productive of late, despite telling myself that once again I'd kick into gear following the New Year. It would be nice to say that this post will be the start of a new trend, but I've told myself that before, and I still quickly get sidetracked by something or other. I can … Continue reading Worlds to go back to


The Samurai Wedding adventure recap, part 1

So, ignore the Topaz Championship that I ran a while ago. I'll throw up a proper outcome of that later (none of the PCs won, though they did all come pretty high up in the rankings). After the Topaz Championship, the three Crab PCs were given honour guard duty - the niece of Hida Kisada … Continue reading The Samurai Wedding adventure recap, part 1

L5R 4E Topaz Championship session 2

For part one, see here. We started the session a little late, owing to using the gang to move some boxes over to my new house before we began. Also, pizza. It might be very apparent that I've made the tournament a lot bigger. The players all decided they wanted to play as Crab, so … Continue reading L5R 4E Topaz Championship session 2

For lack of a better post

I had hoped I would be able to keep updating to this new blog without slowing down or missing opportunities, or not having much to say. Sadly, it seems I'm not in the most creative mood recently. I'm moving house in the next couple of weeks, so maybe the fresh scenery will encourage me. Hopefully … Continue reading For lack of a better post

L5R 4E Topaz Championship session 1

I think that went rather well. So last night we all sat down, finished off some character creation issues (mostly the shugenja's spells), and set off for Tsuma! We didn't get much further than the gates of the town, but on the way the characters ran into Megumi and brewed some lovely tea (although not … Continue reading L5R 4E Topaz Championship session 1


Whilst I'm obviously very busy working in the dungeon of the local hospital, I'm also busy brainstorming the road to Tsuma for the start of the Topaz Championship tonight. Not sure what my three young Crab samurai will make of Megumi, but hopefully they'll enjoy it.


Well I just missed four goals in the world cup from going to do the washing up. More fool me, right?So here's the happenings recently:I've been putting some work in on my setting. Pretty happy with how magic is forming, but I really need to sit down and get the section on the Ascended/gods done. … Continue reading Happenings