The Samurai Wedding adventure recap, part 1

So, ignore the Topaz Championship that I ran a while ago. I’ll throw up a proper outcome of that later (none of the PCs won, though they did all come pretty high up in the rankings).

After the Topaz Championship, the three Crab PCs were given honour guard duty – the niece of Hida Kisada was a bride-to-be, and having well-known young Crab in her household whilst her wedding was organised would look good to those outside the clan. And being the high profile affair it was bound to be, having three Crab samurai who placed higher in the Championship than its Crane clan hosts would no doubt snub them in just the right way too!

In the mid-Autumn, Hida Hino-kansai and her escorted headed north from Shiro Hida, making their way to Shiro Kaosuki no Higashi – Face of the East Castle.

As this is the commercial hub for the Crab’s dealings with outsiders, and part of the way towards the groom’s family lands among the Unicorn, it seemed the best place to hold the wedding.

On the way, near the edges of Shinomen Forest, the group were attacked in the middle of the night by a small band of goblins. The bride and the Kuni shugenja used their magic whilst the Hiruma and Hida bushi fought hand-to-claw with the interlopers. Without taking any losses to their ashigaru escort, they defeated the goblins, and summised they had either somehow passed through the Twilight Mountains and headed south, or else they were some of the goblins said to haunt the Shinomen itself.

Arriving at Face of the East, the bride was given a house and servants for her stay, courtesy of her cousin, Yasuki Dofu, who would be the officiate of her wedding ceremony.

Reporting to the local watch commander about the goblins, nearby patrols were stepped up, but with little to show for it.

Meeting the groom’s younger brother, the PCs were given a tour of the town. Otaku Zhao wore a fur-lined kimono, and a necklace of ancient coins. Arriving at a sake house, he bought the group a bottle of fine sake and a private room, and while a geisha played her samisen nearby, he recounted the tale of the groom’s swords, and how the wedding came to be.

During one of his adventures, the groom found himself in the Shadowlands, helping to fight against the returning scourge of the Kesu-no-Oni, named for the stolen face of Hida Kesu which it wore.

Having found the ancient Hida Kesu bound to a tree and being forced to spawn the oni from himself with each of its rebirths, Otaku Kiyomaru offered to be his second, and Hida Kesu saw the honour in killing the oni before it could harm another again. As his second, and lacking any other heir, Kiyomaru took up the ornate sword of Kesu, and after returning to the Great Bear Kisada, he foretold it would one day return to the Hida family, in the traditional method. Being unwed, it would be easy to engineer this outcome, and coming from a matriarchy like the Otaku, it would even be traditional for him to join a new family and become a Hida.

After the story, Otaku Zhao explained that his family would see the wedding as further blessed if it could uphold a tradition of the wandering Unicorn clan, even if the groom himself was to leave them. The group would have to seek out and find a few items for the bride to wear about her person during the ceremony: something old, something new, something borrowed, and something blue. As the first members of the bridal party to arrive (her family had not yet travelled north, and Yasuki Dofu was away on business), the PCs were asked to help boost the luck of the marriage and track down the items themselves.

Escorting the group back to their household, Zhao gave a gift of a lucky cricket to the bride, which he gave to her before returning to his lodgings.

Part 2 up soon!


L5R 4E Topaz Championship session 2

For part one, see here.

We started the session a little late, owing to using the gang to move some boxes over to my new house before we began. Also, pizza.

It might be very apparent that I’ve made the tournament a lot bigger. The players all decided they wanted to play as Crab, so increasing the numbers in attendance for all the clans made more sense than having the group only watch one contestant perform.
I decided the larger tournament was in honour of the 35th anniversary of the Emperor’s ascendency to the Emerald Throne.

The three Crab began to explore the town of Tsuma, signing in to the tournament registry over at the Kakita Duelling Academy and investigating as much of the grounds as they were allowed. Then they headed for the sake house, drank a cup of shochu with the other Crab contestant, Hida Fujizaka. They rented themselves a private room for the evening, anticipating coming back to mark the evening’s festivities!

Following their shochu with a quick cup of tea at the House of the Laughing Carp teahouse and inn, commotion about town meant that the Imperial Barge was close to the town docks. Moving to the street, they witnessed the Imperial entourage disembark, and meet the various dignitaries in attendance.
The Emperor and his son, Bayushi Shoju and Kachiko, Hida Kisada, even Ichiro Akitomo of the Badger Clan and Yoritomo of the Mantis.
One old veteran samurai whispered an insult to the heir to the throne into the ear of the young Hida bushi, but Crab being Crab, all the young samurai agreed wholeheartedly that signs of weakness were to be held in contempt.
They noticed a few oddities among the crowd. A young make in the black and red armour of the Scorpion would later turn out to be Bayushi Sugai, a late entrant into the tournament. Also, following beside Hida Kisada’s niece was a Unicorn carrying three swords – one wakizashi and two katana. The ornamentation along the saya of one of the katana was clearly in Crab colours. Among a small party of Phoenix stood a female shugenja who was ALSO carrying a katana, ornamented in the Phoenix colours, but the two swords looked so similar they were clearly made by the same person.

On the way back to the sake house, the group ran in to Ichiin, a wandered who gathers information. He offered them knowledge on the other contestants, for a price, which they seemed happy to pay. They found out that the Crane were also fielding four contestants, with most of the others fielding two, or three in the case of the Lion clan. Gaining some idea of the various strengths of each contestant, they also found out that a Mantis had been entered into the tournament, as had a ronin named Toku.

The private room helped them later on, when a drinking contest with Hida Fujizaka got out of hand, the group all eventually passing out, some after almost embarassing themselves!
Waking up some time later, they hauled themselves back to Megumi’s house to sleep off the worst of their drinking. Hida Fujizaka came too, although he had a room at the Laughing Carp.
When they woke, the Hiruma found a note hidden in his obi. Presumably left by the private geisha at the sake house, it read simply ‘help’.

Bleary-eyed and as well-groomed as they could make themselves, the group headed to the Kakita Academy for the start of the tournament.

More next week!

For lack of a better post

I had hoped I would be able to keep updating to this new blog without slowing down or missing opportunities, or not having much to say. Sadly, it seems I’m not in the most creative mood recently.

I’m moving house in the next couple of weeks, so maybe the fresh scenery will encourage me. Hopefully it will.

I’ve got the L5R game going finally, so I’m happy with that. I’ll see if I can keep the momentum up enough that I can run an actual homebrew adventure after the Topaz Championship. I have a few key elements planned out, and some characters done in my head if not in notes. Should be one hell of a wedding!

The Old Crown setting moves on slowly. I’ve been using any spare moments I have at work to brainstorm the magic system, or at least flavour, and how it interacts with everything. In the last week, the flavour of witches and seawitches has changed a little, as have arcanists, but I think for the better. Makes them much more separate and understandable in my head anyway.
Partly this was inspired by sitting down with the elemental nature L5R again, and partly from looking over old blog posts on my Sands of Fate setting when I moved them over to WordPress.
The original purpose of the arcanists was in emulating the benders in Nickelodeon’s Aang/Korra Avatar series’ and to a certain extent the magic users of the Malazan world of Erikson and Esslemont. The witches were more heavily inspired by the Malazan world again, and the various shaman and spirit-talkers in the setting.

I should really finish reading those books soon.

I finally got onto the last book in the Dresden Files, but after reading the previous six or seven in a row, Skin Game just didn’t grab me so much. I’m a little under a hundred pages in, about the time I usually start to get more caught up, but I felt myself drifting.
I went back to the John Carter/Mars series by Edgar Rice Burroughs. I’ve got .epub editions of the series in collected volumes, and only finished the first volume of the first three books. Now I’m on to Carthoris’ life and loves, and it’s pulling me back into adventure/swashbuckling mode a bit.

Actually, that would probably help get me back on track with the Old Crown too.

And that’s a quick update on what I’m doing and where I’m at. I have an idea that I want to try, but it might have to wait until later in the year, October or November when I know I’m less busy and more capable of carrying it through. More details on that closer to the time!

L5R 4E Topaz Championship session 1

I think that went rather well.

So last night we all sat down, finished off some character creation issues (mostly the shugenja’s spells), and set off for Tsuma!

We didn’t get much further than the gates of the town, but on the way the characters ran into Megumi and brewed some lovely tea (although not that nice for the Hida bushi). They also encountered their first nemuranai in the form of Magumi’s clothes and teapot, and were very pleased to be addressed as young lords for the first time, rather than as the children they had been previously.

Oh, and the other bushi, a Hiruma, learned about gifts when he received one from Megumi: the sword of his lord! He didn’t buy any extra equipment, so instead handed over the only thing he could think had equal value – his own sword! The player was a little hesitant, thinking it would turn out to be cursed, but was happy in the end I think.

Then the Kuni shugenja got fleeced by their ‘cousin’, a Yasuki trader near the gates of Tsuma. Maybe the good luck charm will be useful though, who knows?


More next week!


Whilst I’m obviously very busy working in the dungeon of the local hospital, I’m also busy brainstorming the road to Tsuma for the start of the Topaz Championship tonight. Not sure what my three young Crab samurai will make of Megumi, but hopefully they’ll enjoy it.


Well I just missed four goals in the world cup from going to do the washing up. More fool me, right?

So here’s the happenings recently:

I’ve been putting some work in on my setting. Pretty happy with how magic is forming, but I really need to sit down and get the section on the Ascended/gods done. Then I’ll be happy that I can move on somewhere.
I’ve got a few new locations knocking around my head to throw in too. The Greymarkets, and a shady organisation/gang called the Grey, are first on that list.

I’m starting to run a Legend of the 5 Rings 4E game this week. I’m converting the classic Topaz Championship stuff over to get the guys into the setting a bit before throwing other stuff at them. I’ve not used any rules since 1E, so I’m excited to see how this goes. I managed to convert my old character pretty easily though, so I think I’ll get the hang of it easily enough.
Plus I have all kinds of new hooks to add in to the story, even if they’re just to tie in to future stuff I want to do.
I’ve got a group of three Crab samurai, two bushi and a shugenja, so I might have to overhaul the tournament and throw in a bunch more contestants from each clan. Could be tricky, but we’ll see how things go.

In Linux news, I haven’t changed my distro in weeks. I’ve not managed that for about six months, so I must be happy now I’m using CrunchBang. I’ve had a bit of a play around with Conky and the tint2 panel, adding in stats I wanted to see quickly to the former and a launcher to the latter.
So yeah, the next step might be to create a second panel just for the launcher. I’ll see how that goes.

I’m looking into getting myself set up with my own website too, though I’ve not decided which direction to go with that. I’m currently weighing up WordPress vs Squarespace, but I’m still not sure which I’d use more.
I’ve a feeling I’ll end up trying them both.

Should I buy myself a domain name though? I have a nice one sitting in reserve right now. Hmm.

Forming an idea for L5R

In the last week and a bit, I’ve been messing with some ideas for a Legend of the 5 Rings game.

My old 1st edition Unicorn character managed to pick up an ancient Crab katana whilst adventuring in the Shadowlands. For whatever reason, he promised the Hida daimyo it would pass on to the Crab upon his death. Basically, I’m changing the wording of what he said, all those years ago.
“It will pass on to my grandson upon my death. Whether he is Unicorn or Crab is yet to be seen. But I am unwed.”

So yes, the plan is to run some kind of wedding scenario. So far, it looks like I’ll be putting it either in Shiro Ide, since it’s the big Unicorn diplomatic concern, or Shiro Koatsuki no Higashi (Face of the East Castle), which is basically the same thing but for Crab lands.
I have a feeling I might throw it into Crab lands, if only for what I have planned.

So there’s an inter-clan wedding. And since it’s the Unicorn and the Crab, I might be able to manage an excuse for some kind of hunt in the nearby mountains and forests. And maybe a ghost story or something as extra flavour.
There’s also the question of the other sword in the set, which was forged for the Phoenix clan, and that’s where it’s ended up currently. Plenty of room for some more political manoeuvring and stuff.

The big issue I’ll be facing is converting all the things into 4th edition, and making sure the rules aren’t that much different. I have a good hunch as to how to add some neat twists in, and some unexpected surprises.
Luckily, a lot of the NPCs are already made and sitting happily in my head – there’s the two Crab samurai who adventured into the Shadowlands too, the Phoenix clan rival, and I got bored one day and bluebooked some downtime involving the rest of the Unicorn family.

If I actually manage to run this, and I really hope I do, then there’ll be play reports I’m sure. Maybe I’ll write them out as short stories again.
Though last time I tried that, I made the first 5 minutes of a game into 2000 words pretty easily. So maybe I shouldn’t.

If I don’t run it, it’ll have to stay as fiction I think. We’ll see how this works.