Out West again

I've been thinking some more about my Out West idea, and I think I'm starting to fill in the world a bit. The expansion westwards takes place not long after the end of the Lich Wars.A council of mages ruled a coalition of city-states justly until they were corrupted and turn to liches. They fought … Continue reading Out West again


Loge runs away

OK, so fighting Spined Devils and Bearded Devils was not fun.Then the Spiked Devils appeared to make the fight a bit harder! After a pretty serious back and forth, we managed to start falling back, eventually hiding behind a wall of fog thrown up by the Dwarven Cleric. With Mr Easy's help, we managed to … Continue reading Loge runs away

Twixt Flower and Thorn locations

I was brainstorming and came up with a list of different locations I'm thinking of writing a bit more for the setting. Her'es what I've got so far: - GrimwoodThe BlightsDurrowsMushroomtownMerroweirPloversMistmountFoggShriekStonewoodThe Warrens

Return to Twixt Flower and Thorn

I've been mulling over this idea in a bit more detail, mostly on the invaders and what they'd be like. I know the invaders will be the humans and dwarves, and possibly tieflings. I've been thinking they might use various other races as slaves, and might use some kind of magical technology to do so, … Continue reading Return to Twixt Flower and Thorn

Loge fights some devils

This session began pretty much as the last one finished - we could do some side quests or assault a nasty looking figure that lives in the baddest part of the bad part of town. For some reason, we decided we'd just go after the bad guy! So, in order to go up against a … Continue reading Loge fights some devils

Where to next?

At some point, I want to sit down and properly flesh out some more of my ideas, but who has the time? Ostromarka - I'm happy with where this setting has ended up I think. It needs a bit of work, but I managed to run one session, stealing from a one-shot Forgotten Realms game … Continue reading Where to next?

Come Hell or High Water – Bouyan V

OK, time for a prison break! The group crept through the streets shortly after daybreak, heading towards the docks. With the one human in the group wearing borrowed town guard armour and working as a scout, they managed to make their way through the back streets to the house of Baba, the midwife and cleric … Continue reading Come Hell or High Water – Bouyan V