Loge lost in Limbo

So, on with the adventure! After a series of traumatic rounds of combat (Loge almost died very quickly, despite setting the boar on fire twice), we managed to beat the thing, and carry on our way to the Githzerai monastery. Part of the way there, a Dao slave ship (they're earth-aligned Djinn, and Loge grew … Continue reading Loge lost in Limbo


Does the Old Crown work in D&D 5e?

Well, I've rounded out 250 posts already. Yay! In celebration, let's go back to the start, and consider some ideas for converting my years-long-rpg-baby the Old Crown setting to 5e D&D. This is a question I've been mulling over for a few years. The Old Crown began as a D&D setting, and sort of evolved … Continue reading Does the Old Crown work in D&D 5e?

Come Hell or High Water – Bouyan I

Well, things got off to a shaky start as we had to move play location, and the new place was a little noisy and slow to start. I got the gang leveled up, and added a couple of new players. The full party (and I really don't have enough space for anyone new!) is: Tiefling … Continue reading Come Hell or High Water – Bouyan I

What I want to play as next – D&D 5E

A completely unhelpful list of D&D characters I want to play - A Firbolg Druid - not thought much about this one yet, but since I saw Firbolgs, it's what I wanted to do with one A Cleric of a pantheon - pick a pantheon of gods and try and shoehorn in a way to … Continue reading What I want to play as next – D&D 5E

Hell or High Water – the fall of Ys

So, session one of my new game. How did that go? Well, we ended up with a pretty mixed party. I thought having the only PHB races available as Human, Gnome and Tiefling would give us a pretty mixed bag - but instead I have a party of five and one of each! A Human … Continue reading Hell or High Water – the fall of Ys

In which Loge goes shopping

So, level 3. Time to hit the Grand Bazaar! The party was already in the Market Ward, so it seemed silly to leave before shopping around a bit. But they wanted to go do some other stuff. No problem, I can meet them at the edge of the Hive! During the wander around, Loge bought … Continue reading In which Loge goes shopping

Come Hell or High Water

Well, a shortage of DMs means I've agreed to stick my oar in - time to run a game of the Endless Sea and see where it goes. So far, I know I'm running a session 0 / 1, so going to do some character creation and run the escape from Ys as it sinks … Continue reading Come Hell or High Water