Don’t call it a comeback

Because that would be far too premature!

It’s been about 18 months since I’ve posted anything to this blog, and maybe a year since I feel like I’ve written anything meaningful. But there’s still the constant buzz in my head of ideas, I’m just a bit crap at bothering to write them down anywhere!


So, why the sudden post now? Well, it’s January in a new year, and therefore as good a time as any to try and get back into my writing habit. I managed it a few years ago (at least the start of it), so hopefully I can push myself on a bit further this time. Maybe even fail to stop posting, and carry on going! Who knows?


What’s the plan going forward? Pretty much the same as before. I have a few ideas to riff on, an A-Z list for a few ideas ready to go, but I don’t have them written up and ready just yet (despite good intentions).

The settings I have going haven’t changed so much either.

I still have the world of the Old Crown, although a few bits and pieces have changed around. More on that at some point.

FATEpunk is still active in my head, though less thought out on that.

The mythic space opera D&D setting involving lasers and vikings and spaceships and giants is still bubbling away in my head. I have an adventure path planned, but I’m not happy at all with the start of it. The ending I think is great. If I actually sit down and refine it properly, I’ll post it all up here.


New ideas?

I’ve been playing a lot of Magic the Gathering, so I might throw up some decklists of things I’m tinkering with. Nothing too set in stone with that yet.

I’ve been looking at different writing prompts and trying a few things. Nothing really further than a few paragraphs so far, but hoping that’s just my lack of practice slowing me up, and I’ll get going again soon.

I haven’t kept too up to date with stuff going on in RPG land, new rules and settings and stuff. I might have to sit down and read a bunch of stuff, see if that can help me. I might do a few book reviews. I’ve finally started reading the M20 book, years after I meant to support the Kickstarter for it. So far It’s really good, but I’m still not that far in (under page 50). More to follow.


I might try and throw some stuff together about other books I’ve read, if I remember to. I’ve just finished the Pratchett/Baxter Long Earth series, so maybe a post or two about them.


Anyway, that’s all for now. Hopefully a post or two before February!


Z is for: Zomg it’s finished!

I’m cheating a little bit with this last one. I have a couple of ideas for how to do Z but everything I’ve had a go with so far hasn’t worked or made me want to write more than two lines.

That’s it, a full month of updates looking at elements of the Old Crown. I’m feeling pretty happy about it, especially with all the little things that made it harder – I didn’t always get a post done ahead of time, and then my laptop keyboard shorted and I’ve still not fixed it, so I’ve been using my phone or my tablet to write the various posts.

I’ve had a great time with it, and it’s really given me the chance to think more about the different parts of the setting and trying to pull it all together in one place.

So I shall be attempting to write something else this weekend, and I have the bank holiday on Monday if I want to get a bit of stuff done too.
I’m going to try and keep up with the good habits, but might drop down to updates a few times a week, at least until I try the challenge again with a different setting.

Hope everyone enjoyed it!

A-z month almost finished

Coming into the home stretch with my A-z month, and I’ve really enjoyed it.

I’ve had most of the letter planned out since the start of the month, but changed a few of them as I got to them – if I’m not in the mood to write o  a certain topic, I have too much trouble actually committing and getting it done. Which is very annoying sometimes, but if you can’t enjoy writing your own blog then why bother?

In other news, it’s been a good month now since I got to actually play anything, due to various commitments from the group. I’m eager to jump in with my freshly-levelled Cleric and really see what I can do with him now. Feels like I’ve hit a sweet spot with the character concept, but can’t tell unless I actually get to play!

I’m thinking about other ideas for the next few months on the blog, and I might revisit the a-z idea later in the year with a different setting (or even a couple, but not so set on that yet).

It’s been really great to play around in different parts of the Old Crown that I haven’t had much chance to think about yet.
I’m really wishing the setting had been this full-formed a few years ago when I could probably organise a game at the drop of a hat if I really wanted to.
But then, with all the changes it’s taken in the last few years that would have been a very different setting.

More tomorrow: U is for…

End of Week 1 of A-Z, what next?

Ok, so there’s only been two posts, but I’m counting it as week one!

I hope you’re enjoying this little look into the world of the Old Crown setting that I’ve been working on. I’ve written a couple of days ahead now and I’m really happy with how they’ve turned out so far. I’ve managed to actually plan all the letters and so far I’m pretty happy. I might juggle a few later in the month.

What else is going on? Well, I’ve changed the look of the blog. I’m still not so happy with the colours so they might change, but I think I’m happy enough with this layout. We’ll see though.

I’m planning on throwing extra posts outside the A-Z up on Sundays if I have one to write. If I’m feeling really productive, they may even go up as an extra post, but we’ll see how that pans out for the rest of the month.

So far I’m feeling pretty productive though. I’ve decided that the next foray into the world of the Old Crown will be using the Fate Accelerated rules, which by now I’m sure most are familiar with but are entirely free to download, and there’s an SRD here too.

I’ve run with the Fate Core before but was always put off a bit by Accelerated, but I don’t know why. The setting fits pretty well in my head with the rules, and it’s not too fiddly, and I don’t have to work out the magic or new stress tracks or anything because it all works right away. I might add a reputation mechanic for a +1/+0/-1 with various organisations, but again that’s not too fiddly and I don’t even have to really. So yay!

That said, conversions for 5E D&D are forming up too. I think I can convert most of the races pretty well with just a little bit of reskinning and minor fiddling. Backgrounds are easy enough to fit, the classes would need some work though (but I’m getting there!)

I’ve got a viking/norse-themed setting for 5E starting to form up pretty well too. I need to work more on the storyline and maybe monsters too, but I’m pretty happy so far and I know where I’m going with it, just not worked out the journey yet!

All in all, a good week! More to come soon.

New look blog

Felt like changing things up a bit. I might try a few new looks or I might just stick with this one.

All feedback welcome.

A – Z… April?

Ok, so I found out about the A-Z April thing a couple of weeks too late. How do I remedy this situation?

Easy: I just have to do it in May!

So, starting on May 1st and hopefully running every day through the month except Sundays, I shall be throwing up SOMETHING onto the blog, and aiming to theme it around a letter.

I’m still working out what exactly I’ll be doing. Stick purely with roleplaying, through in some fiction, entirely focus on my homebrew fantasy setting, etc etc. Currently, I’m thinking of throwing something up about the setting, and maybe even trying to throw something up on Sundays that isn’t part of the challenge! (Shush, it could happen!)

I’m still having a few issues with the language use in the setting, but I think that will probably come through in some of the posts.

Wish me luck!

Writing 101, Day Three: Committing to a writing practice

I’m not entirely sure how to go about following the instructions here. According to Writing 101, I need to write about the three most important songs in my life.

But of course, now I’m told to write about them, I can’t even think of three important songs, never mind the most important.

If I write about songs I enjoy right now, I have to include Weird Al’s ‘Word Crimes’, which is his use of ‘Blurred Lines’ to emphasise the importance of spelling and grammar. And which he had to make a public apology about (to be fair, when I heard it played on national Irish radio, I was surprised they hadn’t edited it themselves). Plus, I prefer ‘NOW That’s What I Call Polka’ from this new album, because who doesn’t love polka covers of modern pop songs?

I could talk about Timecop1983 and their album Journeys, which I’m listening to now as I write. It’s some nice electro pop and pretty chilled out, so I can let it run in the background and not have it bother me too much. But I wouldn’t say any of the songs are particularly my favourite.

Or I could write about ‘Kill You’ by Dethklok, which I keep playing because it’s so unlike the rest of their songs, and because I like Metalocalypse.

But none of those are exactly important, in the way I assume the writing exercise wants me to talk about them. The lesson I’m taking from the exercise is to write about something for a given amount of time (about fifteen minutes), and to make a habit out of that. I’ve managed to write on here for about that time or maybe more with having to go fetch links, and on a subject I’m not exactly likely to go back to writing about soon, but I still feel like I’ve cheated the assignment somewhat by not sticking to it.