Delayed post due to lack of keyboard and busy day

I’m running late with my writing today.
I had planned to get a lot done and throw up something before my parents arrived for a visit. But they were a little early and I was a little slow. So the M post will be a little delayed, but hopefully up later today. I’m hoping I can keep getting everything done on time, and not lose a day.

Fingers crossed!


Broken keyboard

Hey everyone. I came home to a broken keyboard on my laptop. Basically the middle row of keys has stopped working except g and h.

I’m going to try and kludge something together now, probably involving writing on my phone with the post I started earlier in the day. But I might have to try and find a better method for other posts until I can get something sorted.

New look blog

Felt like changing things up a bit. I might try a few new looks or I might just stick with this one.

All feedback welcome.



I had a post set up to drop during the day today, and it hasn’t shown up. I think I messed up. I can’t find it anywhere, and now I have to rewrite it all, and I really can’t be bothered right now.

Part 2 of the Samurai Wedding adventure will have to wait a while longer.


A funny thing happened on the way to the whole lot of nothing


So there’s been a whole not of nothing at all going on here for the past 3 months, and it only took me the one month to get the internet working in my new house.


I guess I fell off the blogging wagon a bit.

The good news is, I’ll be kicking myself into gear again. Hopefully going to try and write some stuff tomorrow to throw up here. I’ve finished up the Legend of the 5 Rings started adventure with my players (eventually – we were still wrapping up a few weeks ago!) and started on one of my own. More details on that to come.

There might also appear some more details for my fantasy setting, when I get to them. I’m having a hard time with motivation for it recently.

I’m going to try and throw up a little bit more fiction too. I’ve got one or two ideas in my head that I want to get down somewhere. And if I can, I might go back over some of the Blogging 101 and 102 exercises I was working on before too.



Milestone: published post 101! Also, MOVING HOUSE

Hello everyone.

I took a break from writing this week to focus on the task of moving house. I’m about half done, but I’m hoping to be all done by the end of the weekend, with only a little cleaning up of the old house to do.

If I manage to throw something together, it’ll go up. I have the roundup from the Topaz Championship to throw up, but I might delay that slightly.

Also, my parents are visiting next weekend, so that takes away part of my spare time too!

See you all soon.


Sudden ton of old posts!

I found the import feature of WordPress and added all my old posts from different blogs (though one is now sadly lost to time for being super old and out of date!)


Now to fiddle the tags and categories, because they’re exactly the wrong way around!