New Beginnings

So, I've recently started a new job, a little over two hours down the road from where I was living. I've had to drop everything and move a chunk of stuff down, and that means I've also lost the roleplaying group I sort of started a few years ago back there. So now I have … Continue reading New Beginnings


Retiring Dima the Crow early

So this is kind of a sad one. I had to move for a job and decided to retire Dima. I didn't want to feel like I had to Skype every fortnight to join the game or for the DM to have to work out a way to shoehorn me in every time I could make … Continue reading Retiring Dima the Crow early

Dima the Crow at level 4

So following a siege from a zombie army and a necromancer, and the deaths of half the town NPCs, I think I'm not happy with the build I'm using for Dima. Being able to understand languages and talk to animals is fine for the character, but the game has a lot more combat to come, … Continue reading Dima the Crow at level 4

A return to Vampire: the Masquerade

Well, it had to happen eventually - I'm playing a game of Vampire again. For the first time, I'm playing a Nosferatu, and for the maybe the second time, I've woken up the day after the Embrace with a weird hunger that burgers and fries reeeeallly didn't help to cure. I had a few teething … Continue reading A return to Vampire: the Masquerade

Social Contracts

I recently got to play Vampire: the Masquerade for the first time since 2011/12 and, at the end of the first session, I wasn't sure whether I wanted to continue playing or not. It was a fun game, and I enjoyed playing a Nosferatu for the first time, but I spent time over a few … Continue reading Social Contracts

Dima the Crow at level 3

So another session and another level, not so much combat this session, but I picked up a magical violin that looks pretty, which fits the "no, I'm a bard, honest" theme I had going. So I can ditch the wooden flute I had now. I still have that annoyingly cursed dagger though. Where to next? … Continue reading Dima the Crow at level 3

Dima the Crow after play

Curiosity killed the cat. I think Dima needs to learn this. So, the first session went fine. Standard wander along a road, get to know the other players and their characters. All went well really, and we ended up in a big town and levelled up. Great. So I looked at my options and realised … Continue reading Dima the Crow after play