Another New Idea – Hollow World

Ok, another one. That's a pretty bad title, and this is definitely going to be straying into the area of Mahasarpa and other old alternate settings for D&D. So I was thinking again about the idea of alternate Asian-inspired settings and thought of one inside a hollow world, with a sort of Monkey-esque feel to … Continue reading Another New Idea – Hollow World


Loge barely survives Limbo

Ok, so I'm actually writing this a lot later than I normally would, so it's entirely possible that my details are wrong. So, a blue Slaad had just attacked the party and managed to skewer us all pretty handily. Then he called out and summoned a couple of red Slaadi... great! The fight was a … Continue reading Loge barely survives Limbo

The Other Guys

So I was reading the Dungeon Master's Guide whilst writing an adventure and I stumbled on the hireling rules again, and then I had a thought about how AD&D used to play, where once players reached a certain level, they started to attract followers. And then I thought 'wouldn't it be interesting if the action … Continue reading The Other Guys

Does the Old Crown work in D&D 5e?

Well, I've rounded out 250 posts already. Yay! In celebration, let's go back to the start, and consider some ideas for converting my years-long-rpg-baby the Old Crown setting to 5e D&D. This is a question I've been mulling over for a few years. The Old Crown began as a D&D setting, and sort of evolved … Continue reading Does the Old Crown work in D&D 5e?

Come Hell or High Water – Bouyan I

Well, things got off to a shaky start as we had to move play location, and the new place was a little noisy and slow to start. I got the gang leveled up, and added a couple of new players. The full party (and I really don't have enough space for anyone new!) is: Tiefling … Continue reading Come Hell or High Water – Bouyan I

What I want to play as next – D&D 5E

A completely unhelpful list of D&D characters I want to play - A Firbolg Druid - not thought much about this one yet, but since I saw Firbolgs, it's what I wanted to do with one A Cleric of a pantheon - pick a pantheon of gods and try and shoehorn in a way to … Continue reading What I want to play as next – D&D 5E

Come Hell or High Water – the fall of Ys

So, session one of my new game. How did that go? Well, we ended up with a pretty mixed party. I thought having the only PHB races available as Human, Gnome and Tiefling would give us a pretty mixed bag - but instead I have a party of five and one of each! A Human … Continue reading Come Hell or High Water – the fall of Ys