Retiring Dima the Crow early

So this is kind of a sad one. I had to move for a job and decided to retire Dima. I didn't want to feel like I had to Skype every fortnight to join the game or for the DM to have to work out a way to shoehorn me in every time I could make … Continue reading Retiring Dima the Crow early


Factions in the Endless Sea

The problem with the Factions in play in the Endless Sea is that, unlike the Factions in Cambria, they're much more local. The rulers of Lyonesse or Iram of the Pillars or Baochuan or Ravenser Odd - whoever they might be - are going to be factions. The various thieves or political advisors or merchants … Continue reading Factions in the Endless Sea

Factions in Cambria

So far, I've come up with a few factions in play in the world of Cambria, at least the ones that operate over a larger area than a couple of settlements. The Reclaimers The Reclaimers seek to uncover the artefacts of fallen civilisation all around them, in order to determine those that are safe or … Continue reading Factions in Cambria

Ginnungagap – Expanded first adventure opening

So I've been writing about this thing for a long time, but my opener has for years just looked like this: "The many atmosphere processing plants have mysteriously shut down, and without them, the air of Midgard is quickly becoming colder. In the past, the gods or their representatives would have arrived to repair the … Continue reading Ginnungagap – Expanded first adventure opening

Free RPG day 2018

Well, another year, and another opportunity missed. I really need to start getting ahead and planning these things. I missed International Tabletop day too. I have a habit of missing these things. I think I've only ever played a game on exactly one of those days. I might have once managed to play a board game … Continue reading Free RPG day 2018

Samsara part 2

Or does this count as part 3? Ok, here's the initial idea. Samsara is the city at the centre of the world, where people travel to so they can have one last conversation with their departed relatives before those relatives pass on to the next life, or where the dead awake to find they don't … Continue reading Samsara part 2

Mages everywhere – The Goon Squad

Ok, so I've been running a few ideas around my head since the last post and I think I've come up with something now. This is an idea I have for an adventure, just a very basic seed at the moment. Players take on the role of a character in a group of enforcers, but … Continue reading Mages everywhere – The Goon Squad