Forming an idea for L5R

In the last week and a bit, I've been messing with some ideas for a Legend of the 5 Rings game.My old 1st edition Unicorn character managed to pick up an ancient Crab katana whilst adventuring in the Shadowlands. For whatever reason, he promised the Hida daimyo it would pass on to the Crab upon … Continue reading Forming an idea for L5R


The ongoing projects list

I've had a hard time coming up with a decent update here for the past few days. I've decided to blame it on the fact I've been eating radishes, which I haven't touched in years.I've also been pretty busy working at my fantasy setting, which I'm hoping will get published through Occult Moon before the … Continue reading The ongoing projects list

More city shenanigans

I've been thinking a bit the past couple of days about a game where the players take over a city.Partly inspired by the Malazan books by Steven Erikson and Ian C. Esslemont, and partly inspired by the Kingmaker adventure path for Pathfinder, and maybe even a little bit by Ptolus (from what I can remember … Continue reading More city shenanigans

City of a Thousand Temples

I saw this post on Reddit, and my mind starting whirring.What would life be like in a city with hundreds upon hundreds of different temples? Would they all worship the same god in a myriad different ways? Would they all worship a group of gods, but with as many variations again?How would culture be shaped by … Continue reading City of a Thousand Temples

A brief rethink

Following a read of this blog post, which Zak Smith shared on Google+, I had a rapid rethink of my Ascended and their godhood.These were mortals who had achieved an apotheosis, and they'd become something more. Why would they stop being as contradictory, as emotional, as invested with mortal concerns?So now the gods are more … Continue reading A brief rethink

Chapter I: The True Accounts and Adventuries of Grozny de Gronzi, Kingmaker.

Chapter II shall begin, against my personal custom, at the beginning rather than the end. The story begins better much later on, but I know that some of you prefer it this way.So.I was born and grew up in a small village of the Forest of Gronzi. Its name is unimportant to you, but it … Continue reading Chapter I: The True Accounts and Adventuries of Grozny de Gronzi, Kingmaker.

About time for an update…

OK, I've been a bit preoccupied with a business plan for a gaming store, and some other stuff in the real world, but now I think it's time for an actual update!Following David Hill's recommendation, I've had a read of the Smallville RPG, but trying to ignore the setting. I've only had a brief skim … Continue reading About time for an update…