Publishing et al

A current update:I've started collating into one document, which is currently being stored over at Occult Moon, who should be helping me get this thing published soon.The current page count (which is still needing a bunch of additions, never mind some editing) stands at 24. I'm hoping it'll be around 30-35 before we get art … Continue reading Publishing et al


Ser Coranth School for the Furtherance of Knowledge and Wisardry

Following my idea the other day, here's what I've piled together so far.First of all, apologies to Patrick Rothfuss for some of the more blatant plagiarism homage. It is well meaning, I'm sure you'll understand. As I'm working this, it's becoming a little less Rothfuss - there's a Goblin warren beneath the school, so it's … Continue reading Ser Coranth School for the Furtherance of Knowledge and Wisardry

Schools of thought

I've talked before about my desire to run a game centred around a school of magic, but I spent a long bus journey today thinking more on the subject, so here's what I have so far.Taking careful aim with the FATE rules, adapting them slightly from Dresden Files (for now), and borrowing heavily from various … Continue reading Schools of thought

A touch of local flavour

I've been considering some elements for immersion in the setting. Here's some stuff I've thought of, food-wise.I already know that Kingsmead itself is a bit odd. They keep long haired rabbits the size of dogs, providing food and material for clothing. I know they make goats cheese and cider, and a lot of flatbread. And savoury porridge. … Continue reading A touch of local flavour

It’s all coming together

Quick time news burst!Stonekin (dwarves) removed from the setting (for now)!Wildfolk (leafy elves) now do even more, with feathers too!Crowfolk and Ratfolk removed from the game! Partly folded into Darklings (swampy elves).Draken and Wyvings renamed - now two colours of Lizardfolk!Wode renamed Beastfolk (though the Wode will be an example tribe name).Trying my best to … Continue reading It’s all coming together


One of my favourite ideas for D&D 3.5 was having the adventurers interact with ghosts.The Ghostwalk book spawned a short series of adventures within a campaign, where the players find themselves waking up in a ghostworld filled with extinct animals and peoples, and trying to escape back to their lives.I'd love to try that again … Continue reading Ghosts