Furthering the Stone

A few weeks ago, I mentioned an idea I'd had based upon a stone age setting. I've turned it over some in my mind, and here's a quick idea for how I'd run it.Take the Legend of the 5 Rings rules. I'm mostly familiar with first edition, so the lack of samurai kata and stuff … Continue reading Furthering the Stone


Thoughts on the latest D&D Next Playtest packet

Well, last week the new played package dropped (and then dropped again with some extra options).My thoughts so far: it looks good. It has a flavour of the older editions rather than 4E, but still seems like a progression from that system. I'll still have to wait and see how it looks come 2014 when … Continue reading Thoughts on the latest D&D Next Playtest packet


Well after yesterday's assorted collection of links to previous posts, I thought today I'd try and actually write something more solid.I've been talking for a while about the prospect of opening a gaming store. I'm in the early stages of a business plan at the moment, and it looks reasonably sound.There are plenty of cities … Continue reading FLGS

Assorted thoughts

A handful of observations and ramblings. Sorry it's not more concise.Following on from Greywulf's internal conversation that ended up with a Nutshell d20 system, I started having my own in my head. Along the lines of "is there anything I'd add?"I think the advantage/disadvantage mechanic from the DnDNext playtest would fit pretty well. Gives the … Continue reading Assorted thoughts

Solar diversions

Those you you that follow me over on Google+ may have seen a post about the Hakunin Arcology in orbit above Neptune, or some murmurings about sci-fi bouncing around my mind.With that in mind, I may as well tell you that I'm throwing together some ideas for a sci-fi setting for my in-development rules system, … Continue reading Solar diversions

Kingkiller Chronicle in RP

I've been devouring Patrick Rothfuss' Kingkiller Chronicle for the past few weeks. I'm currently approaching page 700 of the second novel, The Wise Man's Fear. Funnily enough, a fantasy setting rife with magic, invention, religious tension and noble intrigue is doing all kinds of things to my funny little imagination.So, I've been brainstorming how I'd … Continue reading Kingkiller Chronicle in RP