Recently I've had an idea for a stone age game in my head. A few years ago, I wrote a lovely little story about a hunter gatherer tribesman called Stone, and since then the idea has been flickering on and off in my mind.Then today I read something about the Hyperborean Cycle by Clark Ashton Smith, and … Continue reading Stone


Hidden mysteries and secrets unspoken

I've promised that there are hidden secrets dotted throughout everything that I've already done. I hope to highlight a handful of them below.Whilst items may be invested with a person's being, and made soulwrought and magical, there is a further level of power. Godwrought items are those gifted by the ascendants themselves, or which were … Continue reading Hidden mysteries and secrets unspoken

Collected ramblings

The problem with trying to update once a day for a week is that I seem to rapidly run out of ideas.Over on my other blog, I'm asking people to tell me what they want me to write about in my next update. I don't want to give up too much information on the setting, … Continue reading Collected ramblings

Adapting the Malazan World

I've taken my time in actually reading them, but Steven Erikson's Malazan Book of the Fallen series and Ian C. Esslemont's Tales of the Malazan Empire are a great series of books.I'm not finished with Erikson's 10 novel saga, or with Esslemont's 5 novels (the fifth due out in November), but I really enjoy their … Continue reading Adapting the Malazan World

Additional Rules for Noble Houses

The other day, I had a brief conversation with a friend working on some noble families for a fantasy setting.Whilst she had been looking at developing them with the Song of Ice and Fire RPG, she mentioned using my rules to play the actual game.However.I think there's plenty of scope in there to adapt the … Continue reading Additional Rules for Noble Houses

A week of Indie+

This week, the good folks over on the the Google+ RPG community are coming together for Indie+, celebrating the Indie publishing community.As such, I've decided to pull my finger out and actually update my blogs, and get back into a writing mindset.This week I'll be posting updates here and over on the Kingsmead Chronicler, with … Continue reading A week of Indie+